A cross between
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and
Women Who Run With The Wolves.

If your idea of a good time is laughing
while having your soul stirred,
this is the show for you.
The live April performances were cancelled. Obviously.
So, wtf, I did it live online. It was awesome.

Usually this show contains lots of F words. I refrained from using F words (I did say shit a few times) so that kids can be in the room with you. Because now they're always in the room with you, right? Also, kids tend to love these stories. So what the fu--heck.
Shit got real. I mean, sure, last year it seemed like, oh, this shit is real. And then shit was like, oh hell no, you haven't seen shit like this before!

So what I'm saying is, no one turned away, pay what you can. And if you're comfortable, pay what you can using friends and family. 
Go to your payment platform of choice and enter how much you want to pay. Email me if you want to use Zelle.

If you don't receive an email confirming your purchase within 12 hours, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, email me at foulmouthedmystic @ gmail.

You will receive an email with a few instructions and a link to the show recording.
Want to watch the recording? Sweet.

Pay-What-You-Can ticket pricing.
Recommended ticket price is $16.
In the ending, 
the Story that thought it was exclusive, wasn’t.
The term excommunication carries a heavy negative weight, right? 

The implication is that you messed up. You failed. You’re bad. You’re dangerous. You’re smelly. You don’t get to live here anymore.

But excommunication is how humanity spreads: leaving one community to form others. 

It’s how we protect our integrity: there’s the classic example that the Church excommunicates you when you go against its teachings. And perhaps you excommunicate yourself when the teachings of the Church go against you.

Sometimes excommunication is the way to go. It’s not a disgrace, but a triumph. 
And if we do it together, well...

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In the ending,
there was a revelation.
And this is it, people. This is f*cking it.
Are you done with the greed - corruption - earth as a commodity - fear - scarcity - consumption - rape story?

Are you ready to step into something new?

It will take about an hour, give or take.
Excommunicated! leads you on a hilarious and profound journey out of the patriarchy and into the Emerging Story. 

Unexpected, irreverent, and very, very holy.
In the ending, 
the heartbeat of the Universe transfigured.
A common thread in creation myths is that the Universe is spoken or sung into being. 

Myths are maps: the instruction is that we need to make some noise, create resonance, speak and sing and chant and beat this emerging story into being. 

So that’s what we're going to do. 
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for Foul-Mouthed Mystic
I absolutely loved this show. 
Foul-Mouthed Mystic is intelligent, courageous and #@*&ing hilarious.

Maggie Fritz
Yoga Teacher/Kirtan Wallah
My husband and I laughed our astronauts off and also it moved me beyond words.
It doesn’t get better than that!

Jackie Kayne-Sherar
Bad Ass
This show is fantastic!!
A real-world trek through mindfulness, spiritual discovery, and the challenges of life. Katie’s honesty and vulnerability are wrapped in humor making her story relatable to those who believe in God, those who don’t, and everyone in between.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was for this type of message until I saw the performance! GO!!

Mary Stiller
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If there was a Church of the Foul-Mouthed Mystic, I would be a faithful attendee.
I loved every second of it.

Carrie Corbett
Licensed Midwife
Foul-Mouthed Mystic
Foul-Mouthed Mystic
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